Vegetarian eats in Norwich: Moorish Falafel Bar

Moorish Falafel Bar is one of my favourite vegetarian places to eat in Norwich, have you visited yet?

The beautiful Norwich Cathedral – just a few minutes walk from my flat in the city

I’ve visited Moorish Falafel Bar many more times than I care to admit, however since becoming a vegetarian earlier this year, I have begun to truly appreciate the number of tasty veggie alternatives the restaurant brings to the city.

Norwich is certainly not a city short of vegetarian or even vegan eateries. I have been pleasantly surprised at how many places offer extensive veggie options, and also by the amount of veggie/vegan exclusive restaurants there are.

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on offer at Norwich market

Moorish is one of these. Tucked away in the charming yet bustling Norwich Lanes area on Lower Goat Lane, there is always a welcoming presence in Moorish. Unlike some places, staff never hassle you for your order (although I have usually decided what I’m ordering as soon as I’ve entered) and your options are clearly marked on the colourful boards by the counters.

Moorish Falafel Bar opening times

Monday to Wednesday – 11am-5pm 

Thursday to Saturday – 11am – 9pm

Sunday (April – Sep) – 12pm – 4pm

You may eat-in or takeaway at Moorish, although the eat-in options are more extensive. While most of the menu is available to take out, things like their burgers and some platters (relatively new additions) are eat-in only. If you’ve got time – and if there’s space, for Moorish is a popular lunch-stop at the weekends – I’d definitely recommend you eat-in. Otherwise, having a wrap/pitta/salad bowl on the go is just as enjoyable.

As mentioned, all the food in Moorish is vegetarian and in fact, a lot of their stuff is vegan too. From their classic ‘Moorish wraps/pittas’ to their bean burgers and mezes, the flavours on offer bring an exotic, summery feel to our fine city. They also sell vegan cakes and fresh lemonade with mint – a perfect treat to enjoy in the sun.

32169559_10215932324918103_6107359841833975808_n (1)
Fresh lemonade with mint – yum! 

When I visit, I usually opt for a wrap or pitta. The classic Moorish (I choose yoghurt and mint sauce) is my favourite, however, I’ve recently started getting the Greek wrap too. There’s something about feta and tabbouleh which makes me feel like I’m on holiday. However, on my last visit, I opted for the salad bowl after spotting the customer in front of me’s order. The bowl is the same set-up as a wrap or pitta – falafel, hummus, salad, sauce – and for my extra filling, I chose feta. It was fresh, crunchy and full of flavour, and I also felt good knowing that, should I return with my empty salad bowl, I would get money off my next one. Result!

My Moorish salad bowl complete with falafel and yoghurt & mint sauce

This sense of being environmentally aware is something that is increasing in a lot in restaurants, cafés, and even supermarkets. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons I decided to go vegetarian, and we’ve also stopped drinking cow’s milk and started buying loose fruit/veg to cut down on plastic waste. I’m certain there’s more we can do, but these little, active decisions from all of us make a great start in helping the planet.

Back to Moorish though, and the final thing I should probably mention in this review: price. Of course, Moorish won’t be as cheap as a meal deal from somewhere like Tesco or Boots, but you do get a lot more for your money. I’ve often had the wraps alone as a dinner (which is why I’m also loving their later opening hours!), and the ingredients are certainly much fresher than the prepacked options from supermarkets. The cheapest thing on the menu (a Moorish wrap) will only set you back just under £4 anyway. You’re also supporting a great local business, and who can really put a price on that?

Wraps aren’t the most photogenic of foods, but this one certainly is tasty 

So if you’re around Norwich City centre anytime soon, do make sure to pop into Moorish Falafel Bar. Fresh, tasty, cheap, meat-free food – what more could you ask for from a lunch-spot in the city?

You can find Moorish Falafel Bar over on Instagram at @moorishfalafelbar and on Twitter at @MoorishFalafel 

Vegetarian eats in Norwich

Are there anymore vegetarian/vegan restaurants you love around Norwich? Let me know – I’m keen to check out as many as possible!

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20 thoughts on “Vegetarian eats in Norwich: Moorish Falafel Bar

  1. Oh yum this looks absolutely delicious. I have no been to Norwich in years but I remember fun holidays there, it is a beautiful area. If I ever get to go again I will be hunting down Moorish!


  2. Perfect read for me being vegetarian myself. Now I have a place to pamper my taste buds with ample variety of veg delicacies when I happen to be in Norwich.


  3. This looks like a wonderful place to eat. It’s lovely they have this place dedicated to vegetarians and vegans.


  4. This is it. The place that will finally make me a full-fledged greens enthusiast. Everything looks lovely and delicious and I didn’t even have an appetite until I saw this post. Must…come…here…soon!


  5. I am not vegan but I have changed my diet to non-red meat. I would totally love to check out these spots because the photos make the food look more delicious. I would be into the bean burger and that wrap looked extremely good as well as the salad!!


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