Rediscovering Norwich: Macarons & More

As often as I pass this charming little macaron shop, I’d never actually never ventured inside.

Like so many other places in Norwich which I am still yet to rediscover, Macarons & More became somewhere that I was aware of yet unfamiliar with. Still, the pretty little space it occupies at the corner of The Royal Arcade, remained constantly near the top of my Norwich to-do list.

Luckily I had the perfect reason to visit last weekend. I’d seen all over Instagram the charming Christmas hot chocolates they were making, complete with over the top decorations and encased in beautifully illustrated Norwich-inspired cups.

I had to try one.

There was also the addition of their Christmas macarons too, in the form of reindeer, penguins and snowmen. So sweet!

I was meeting a friend for a catch-up and suggested we finally tick something off the Norwich bucket list and visit the famous Macarons & More. He’s a big foodie himself (and could see how wonderful their Christmas goodies looked) so naturally, he accepted.

Of course, prettiness doesn’t come cheap. A single Christmas macaron will set you back £2 – £1 for each mouthful perhaps – but my, they’ll be the best-tasting bites you’ve had in while.

Admittedly, this was also my first time tasting a macaron. I’d devoured their distant cousins the macaroons (the Mrs Crimbles ones being one of my staple-foods when I endured 18 long months of a gluten-free diet) but had yet to taste the more sophisticated French delights.

The macaron was heavenly…

It was crisp and delicate yet beautifully rich and moist at the same time. The reindeer was chocolate flavour yet it wasn’t so overpowering or sickly at all.

I’ll be saving my pocket-money for more, that’s for sure.


As for the hot chocolate, well unfortunately that will set you back even more. £3.80 if you want with one all the trimmings, which of course you do.

However with chains such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee charging similar if not more for watered down hot chocolate and sugar-filled coffee, I’d happily shop local and pay this price any day.

The care that went into making the drinks was exceptional too. We waited patiently as they were skillfully created. Again, much better than waiting half the time (and not always) at a coffee chain yet getting just 10% of the quality.


I purchased the gingerbread hot chocolate and my friend the maple-spiced flavour.

Mine was decorated with a little gingerbread man, sugar gold stars and more gingerbread crumb. His, with sugar Maple leaves and stars, peanut brittle and chocolate flakes.

Both were delightful – mine wasn’t too gingerbready as I had feared and my friend said whilst his drink was a tad too sweet for him (yes, I did remind him that it is maple-syrup flavoured…what did he expect?) it was still extremely tasty. He also had a huge Banoffee bar thing, meaning he probably consumed his weekly sugar intake in just 10 minutes anyway.


So I can safely say Macarons & More was a splendid weekend treat.

As our drinks were being made I also eyed up the various cakes, slices, macarons (and more) on offer in the all too tempting display cabinet. And yes, that does mean I mentally pencilled in another visit for next week too.


For more information visit Macarons & More here. 

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