Why you should visit Monument Valley

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Monument Valley is by no means a hidden-secret destination in America, however this does not mean it should be struck off your road-trip itinerary for fear of being too touristy.

The Park has many visitors flock to it each year and for good reason. It is possibly the most beautiful place on the planet.

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As you may have noticed, I love the landscape of the desert. Some people prefer the beach, lakes, mountains, city-scapes; and whilst all these backdrops are still spectacular and appealing in their own right, there is something so calming about the rich red’s of the sand contrasting with the vivid blue sky.

The vast emptiness of the desert is something that can’t be matched 

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I visited Monument Valley as part of a road-trip across North America in July 2014. Our group spent the day in the back of a bumpy jeep, meandering across the sand and being guided across the various rock formations of the sacred Monument Valley.

Our guide informed us of the importance of each great rock and even took us to meet those who still live simple lives among them. We ran and up down a sand dune and explored the half-caves.

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The Navajo Tribal Park straddles the border between Utah and Arizona (AZ really is a state filled with so much beauty) and is still a sacred area for many of the Navajo Tribe to live and visit. Of course it’s problematic allowing such a place to become so touristy, however the beauty of the area really cannot go ignored and hidden away. Tourism – whether a good or bad thing – funds a lot of the people’s income nowadays too.

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Monument Valley is the one place that when people ask me where I’d most like to go back to, I say there. I’d love to return with my boyfriend and show him just how beautiful and peaceful the place is. I’d love even more to spend the night camping out there, sleeping underneath the stars of the desert.

Hopefully one day soon I’ll get my wish.

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All photos are my own


12 thoughts on “Why you should visit Monument Valley

  1. Wow, this looks like something right out of a movie set! I’d love to check it out one day and just walk around exploring everywhere. That first photo is epic!!!


  2. Your pictures are amazing, I mean absolutely beautiful!!!! While we have been to the Grande Canyon we did not make it over to Monument Valley and I am sorry that we missed it. Gives us a great reason to go back that way 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AZ has been on my ‘must visit in America’ list for a while now. Inspired by scenery in Breaking Bad believe it or not. I did a Californian roadtrip last year, but think my next US trip will have to be AZ! Your pictures look great – straight out of a movie.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! your photos are incredibly beautiful! I love your adventure, you have clearly enjoyed your stay. It reminds of a place in a movie that I’ve watch, and also a place where I play online game, the place is called “route 66” I would love to pay a visit here one day.


  5. I love the dessert too, although a lot of my time in the desert is spent in the UAE. I wonder if deserts in the US are the same as the ones in the Middle East, climate-wise.


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