Rediscovering Norwich: Battered stuffing & turkey sausages

With Christmas fast-approaching, many restaurants are releasing their festive menus and bombarding us all with their take on the classic Christmas lunch. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining. The more food options, the merrier! However it can be hard to find a real gem – and even harder to find the time to try all these new culinary delights – among the many Christmas-named dishes.

Grosvenor Fish Bar in Norwich has been a long-standing favourite of mine. The batter is to die for, their chips simply delicious, and I love the varied menu which makes it a step above being simply a chippy (not that there’s anything wrong with that). So when they announced their version of a classic Christmas lunch I couldn’t wait to try it.

Turkey sausage, chips, battered stuffing balls, their signature gravy and a little pot of a cranberry sauce make up the Grosvenor ‘Xmas Dinner’. How amazing does that sound?

I must admit, the thought of battered stuffing balls didn’t have me jumping with joy to begin with. I’m not the biggest lover of stuffing but I am of with their batter, so it was mixed feelings. However I’m happy to say I was pleasantly proved wrong – they were delicious. Moist, crispy and amazing with a dabble of cranberry sauce.

The sausage was again very tasty, although of course I expected it to be. I also threw away my Southern county-pride and drowned my chips in the thick, gooey gravy. The North wins this round when it comes to foodie inventions.

The meal was also a steal at Β£6 – yes, a little more than you’d pay at a regular chippy, but Grosvenor isn’t a regular chippy. It’s a unique dining experience that makes you feel warm inside. Plus the portions huge and you’re left thoroughly full. Besides, do you know anywhere else in Norwich offering battered stuffing balls?

In the words of my boyfriend (whom I reluctantly let taste one) “I might just go back and order ten of the stuffing balls on their own.” An excellent review if I ever did see one.



2 thoughts on “Rediscovering Norwich: Battered stuffing & turkey sausages

  1. It definitely sound worth trying! I love stuffing and I can’t say I’d normally jump at the chance to have it battered but I’m always willing to try new things.


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