The lights of Warsaw’s Wilanow Palace

Despite arriving in Warsaw a little too early for the season’s festivities and the iconic Christmas markets to begin, we managed to make our trip still feel Christmassy thanks to the winter ‘light festival’ at Wilanow Palace.

During the festival, the gardens of the Royal Palace are transformed into a magical display of light. Entry costs the equivalent to just a couple of pounds (slightly higher during the weekends and booking ahead is also recommended) and we spent around two hours in total wondering around the beautiful gardens and snapping pics of the various light installations.

There’s something about those tiny twinkling bulbs that make you feel so much warmer and Christmassy inside. I have to admit, we were a little skeptical before reaching the palace. We were staying right in the centre of Warsaw and the palace is located a 30 minute bus-ride from our hostel, to start with. It’s also actually in a really weird part of the city – the bus drops you off by the side of the road near a McDonald’s and (especially in the cold dark of the evening) it all feels a little odd.

However, we needn’t have been pessimistic at all. The palace and the displays were simply beautiful and I’m so glad we made time in our itinerary to pay a visit and check out the annual installation.

So here are some photos (I took a lot!) of the grounds and the pretty light sculptures. It was a lovely festive way to spend an evening and I’d thoroughly recommend a visit if you are in Warsaw next time the event is on.

Some not so subtle advertising – but still quite cute!
The palace’s coat of arms


The snail of light!
Little bubba captivated by the lights
I made him pose for a lot of photos that evening….
The entrance to the Palace and gardens, just after the ticket office 


My favourite piece in the gardens
Good enough to eat
A couple of stars in the tunnel of light
Matty getting watered on with light 
A giant garden for tiny people

As you can see, lovely and unique and so very festive! Now to wait for the ‘big day itself’….


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