10 photos that prove the Grand Canyon is the best place on Earth

I’ve visited the Grand Canyon no less than three times and each time has taken my breath away.

It’s one of those places that is surely on everyone’s bucket list, yet I would argue it should definitely be witnessed more than once in a lifetime. Despite claims that ‘once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it’ (the friend who once said this has since retracted his statement after seeing the beauty of the place for himself), you really haven’t. It’s a magical place that exposes a new part to you every time you scan your eyes over the vast crater.

The second time I visited was the most interaction I had with the big GC. I spent two nights just outside the Canyon in a small tourist village. The earlier risers out of the group spent one sunrise trekking a small section of it, descending into the crater as the sun came up. It was beautiful. A few of us also had enough dollars left-over to treat ourselves to a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. To this day it’s still the best thing I’ve ever done…and probably will remain so for some time.

Not only is the Grand Canyon in my favourite state/adopted second home of Arizona (I will live in Tucson again one day, watch this space) but it’s also extremely photogenic as you can imagine.

Trawling through my hundreds of photos from years of travels the other day I realised just how many I had of the spectacularly stunning place, and how many of them were actually rather good!

I was immediately filled with extreme Wanderlust and a desire to get back to the dusty dry heat of the dessert. Damn, I miss those colours.

So here is a (very) small selection of my snaps of the GC. I hope they bring you as much pleasure as they did me when I flicked through them during a cold November evening in Norwich.

An ominous looking storm brewing over the craters in April, 2010 – it actually snowed a little shortly after!
Patches of sunlight peek through the clouds and onto the shrubbery. You can still see the snow in the corner of the photo too.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Four years later (July, 2014) and I’m back – this time the sun is shining and the tourists are out in full force
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Up in the air this time – look at all the green!
KODAK Digital Still Camera
A murky river meanders it’s way through the vast Canyon
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Those desert colours I came to know and love
KODAK Digital Still Camera
A cooler looking GC as the sun fades away
KODAK Digital Still Camera
My latest visit was in Autumn (or Fall, as I should say) 2015. We woke early and practically no tourists were about.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Capturing the beauty of the area through paint, what a wonderful skill to have
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Blue skies and fresh air – what more could a girl ask for?

Grand Canyon – I’ll be back soon…


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