Rediscovering Norwich: Churros in the City

Churros in Norwich – who’d have thought it?

The sugary doughy fluffy delight that is Churros reminds me of my childhood and my summers spent in the small southern-Spanish village, where my interesting surname originates from.

Essentially, they’re elongated, slightly crispier donuts. They’re covered in sugar, sometimes cinnamon too, then dunked into hot chocolates or warm cups of coffee. We used to get ours off a tiny van when the carnival visited the village. I used to watch amazed as the owner pulled the dough almost effortlessly through the machine, listen to the sound of the oil turning the mixture crispy and light, then lick my lips as he sprinkled the finished product with chocolate flavoured sugar.

Of course, like most tasty European foods, churros has been Westernised and bought over the channel onto our menus. In recent years the long donuts feature on Mexican and Spanish inspired restaurant menus, as part of their limited dessert selection.

However, I recently discovered that somewhere in Norwich was also marketing them for what they really are – street food. A stall in the far corner of the city’s market (aptly titled ‘Churros & Chorizo’) are selling the delights starting at just £1.95 for three.

Of course, I was over the moon when I found out and even happier when I saw the price included a pot of warm chocolate sauce. Yummy!

I stuck to my budget and purchased the three for £1.95 option, however you can also pick up six for slightly more. I’m not much of a sweet-lover though, so the three reasonably sized pieces complete with the deliciously rich sauce were more than enough for me. And of course my boyfriend helped out with the eating too!

The churros were crispy and fluffy – everything I associated with my childhood summers. In fact they may have been even better, but don’t tell the Spanish that.

Some have criticised Norwich market in recent years for becoming something that it traditionally was not. Yes, the fruit and veg stalls are dwindling and the stock on the markets isn’t what it used to be – supposedly. However, I am always happy to find another world cuisine nestled among the shutters. It can often feel quite isolating up here in good ol’ Norfolk, almost like we’re missing out on something that those closer to London can be a part of.

I for one welcome the addition of my own nostalgia and encourage others to expand their taste-buds and try something new in the City. Surely cinnamon covered ‘donut-sticks’ with warm chocolate sauce certainly can’t be a bad place to start?

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