Rediscovering Norwich: The City of Gins

Norfolk is the county of gins. Read my blog to see which ones you should be drinking. Cheers!

To celebrate the upcoming opening of another Norwich Adnams store and their new feature that shoppers will be able to…MAKE THEIR OWN GIN (!!!), I’ve decided to take a look at the gins of the area.

It wasn’t until recently I discovered that Norwich and the surrounding county of Norfolk actually specialised in and produced its own gins.

I’ve only just started to take a liking to the alcoholic spirit – my ability to drink glasses of the stuff and still be left (relatively) hangover free is something I welcomed during my final months at university.

I thought I knew all the foods and icons of Norwich, but again the fine city has surprised me. On a recent trip to Jarrold I realised just how many of their gins were produced here.

So, without further ado, here are some of the gins of Norfolk:

  • St. Giles – the newest gin on the list, the name refers to a street in the famous lanes of Norwich. It’s a sipping gin that is described as fruity and floral.
  • Bullard’s Norwich Dry Gin – perhaps the most well-known gin of the area. Bullard’s is the oldest and produced in Norwich’s The Ten Bells pub.
  • Adnams Copper House Dry Gin – this gin was actually voted the World’s Best Gin at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2013. It’s very popular and sure to be a bestseller at their new store.
  • Black Shuck Gin – a legendary gin with a distinctive taste, containing Norfolk’s own lavender and Sea Buckthorn. Interesting!

  • Norfolk Gin – simply named with a refreshing taste. Personally, my favourite bottle of the lot as it’s so unusual.

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Norfolk Gin has landed in Winterton on Sea.

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A lot of these are unfortunately a bit past my price-range compared to the Gordon’s or Greenall’s I’m used to purchasing.

However, I’m always looking for an opportunity to treat myself (who isn’t?), so hopefully, I’ll tick these fancy gins off my list soon.

What’s your favourite Norfolk gin? Which one should I start with? Let me know in the comments below!

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