Rediscovering Norwich: Mousehold Heath

I rediscovered the beautiful Mousehold Heath in Norwich a few weeks ago

Norwich is home to many fantastic parks, and you don’t even have to venture too far out of the city centre to experience the best of them.

One of the most popular places to walk and take in the glorious sites of Norwich, is Mousehold Heath.

As the sign on the entrance to the park proudly states, Mousehold Heath is ‘the countryside at your doorstep’, and being just a 25 minute walk from our flat in the city centre, it can’t be more accurate.

We ventured to Mousehold Heath on a warm sunny afternoon, the warmest afternoon that we’d seen in a while in fact. The walk to the heath is pleasant and easy, and passes along the river. You can see other famous Norwich landmarks such as Pulls Ferry and Cow Gate, and also an array of lovely British pubs.

We reached Mousehold Heath in a little over 25 mins, and stopped to take in the views. When you Google pictures of Norwich, no doubt many of the views from Mousehold Heath are what you’ll see. From the hill, you’ll get a beautiful landscape of the Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Castle, and the rest of the city below. It’s magical way to exeperience Norwich.

What made our heath walk even better was the fact that a number of artists had also taken advantage of the sunny day and opted to paint the city from above. Walking past and watching their equally unique creations come to life really gave me a sense as to what this largely underrated city can offer. Over the past four years I’ve lived here, I’ve fallen in love with atmosphere and the quirkiness of Norwich, and it was lovely to see other people feeling inspired by the surroundings too.

After all this nature and culture, we were hungry and thirsty, so we stopped off at Café Britannia, located just off the corner of Mousehold Heath and again offering some lovely views.

The café has excellent ratings on Tripadvisor, so I feel like we must have just caught it on an off day. It was extremely busy. However, the hot chocolate I had was tasty, even if service was a little slow. For those wanting a bit more food, they do have a larger menu, however the items on here were largely overpriced for our own dwindling budgets.

We walked through the surrounding forest and heath some more, made a quick stop at Dunelm Mill, then headed back towards the city. The journey back was considerably quicker (it’s now all downhill after all), and it was lovely to see the city emerge back before your eyes once more.

I’ll definitely be taking another visit to Mousehold Heath in the coming winter months, perhaps on an early morning so I can witness Norwich waking up below me. It’s great to have such a lovely piece of countryside just off the centre, and reminded me yet again why I have chosen to live here.

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