What’s a ‘freakshake’ anyway?

I test out the latest foodie craze…freakshakes!


They’re the new food craze sweeping across our nation, and they only seem to be getting bigger and bigger…in both senses.

So, what is this so-called freakshake, and why have people gone absolutely nuts for them?

A freakshake is essentially a milkshake/hot chocolate on steroids. You thought you were being extravagant by adding whipped cream and marshmallows to your drink? A freakshake would laugh in the face of this simple beverage.

Most freakshakes seem to be cold – i.e. a milkshake – however now the winter nights are upon us, many more are taking the form of a hot chocolate too. Yummy!

Whilst the base for a freakshake might be simple enough, it’s the toppings that matter in this new-found cuisine. The main challenge for freakshake makers is seeing just how much they can pile onto one cup without it collapsing. And the main challenge to us consumers is seeing how much we can eat before we puke.

Freakshakes are popping up all over place, whether it be on already established cafe menus, or as complete businesses in their entirety. The market is expanding and more and more often I am passing someone enjoying their freakshake, whilst also trying desperately not to drop it.

There is no strict rule as to what can go on a freakshake, and most fit to some sort of theme or base flavour. Some are piled high with every type of chocolate treat imaginable, whilst others try to recreate the essence of a unicorn by being colourful and sparkly. And most importantly, in this Instagram age, they are great to take pictures of.

My freakshake!

I had my first taste of a freakshake a few weeks back, after purchasing one at a market stall in Norwich. Whilst the pop-up cafe/bakery did sell other items such as cakes and even savoury foods, it was clear that their collection of freakshakes were their biggest sellers. They weren’t even too expensive either, at just £2.95 each, which is not bad considering the price you can pay just for a regular coffee in some places.

I opted for the Nutella inspired freakshake, though I’m not entirely sure where the Nutella came in. Perhaps in the shake itself. The toppings included whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a whole double chocolate muffin, a Kinder Beuno bar, and a regular Kinder bar. Yes. All this was sitting on top of a chocolate drink.

It’s safe to say that I didn’t finish it, as I had a classic case of ‘eyes bigger than belly’ and if you think about it, two chocolate bars, a cake AND a milkshake is an insane amount of sugar for one sitting. Although I’m sure many sweet-toothed people out there will wholeheartedly disagree with me!

That said, I’ll definitely get another one. Maybe I’ll have to buy my next one on an empty stomach in order to finish it all. But I’m certainly keen to work my way through the different flavour combinations and crazy-looking creations….cheers to freakshakes!





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