Rediscovering Norwich: Revolucion de Cuba

I tested out ‘Taco Tuesday’ at Norwich’s Revolucion de Cuba!

I’ve walked past this place a thousand times, but never actually gone inside. However, Norwich’s branch of Revolucion de Cuba is now a mere three minute walk from my home, so now I really have no excuse not to visit.

Something that has always caught my eye is the tempting ‘Taco Tuesday’ deal Revolucion advertise….3 taco’s and fries for £6, bargain!

So, last night when neither of us could be bothered to cook, we decided to test out this so-called Taco Tuesday, which we were pleased to find out continues all through the day.

Of course, you get what you pay for, and the taco’s aren’t huge. However with a good portion of fries on the side too, you won’t be left feeling hungry.

As expected too, only certain fillings are on offer, and you can only pick one. You can choose from halloumi, ‘cheeseburger’ (beef with manchego cheese), squid, and pork. I opted for the halloumi – of course – and my partner ordered the oddly named cheeseburger.

Both were delightful, and the addition of an authentic corn tortilla made all the difference. Our waiter bought over some rum sauce too, and although it was a tad too spicy for me, my boyfriend assured me it was exceptionally tasty.

Atmosphere-wise, Revolucion was lovely and quiet when we visited, which was probably just before the dinner-time rush. We were out in the conservatory, which felt homely and relaxed, everything you need in a restaurant setting.

Finally, to make our spontaneous meal even more worthwhile, we dined during 2-for-1 cocktail times… result! I think the waiter said this ended at 7pm, but it may have been sooner.

So, would I visit Revolucion de Cuba again? Certainly. Whilst their regular menu might be a tad out of my price range, the £6 taco deal is just too good to pass up. Perfect if you’re feeling lazy or just fancy some tasty, authentic style food. Oh, they also do 12 taco’s for £15 too, for those that fancy themselves a challenge…

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