Rediscovering Norwich: Figbar

Fabulous sweet treats and good quality coffee, this dessert bar is heaven on Earth.

I leave for Vietnam in less than two weeks (eeeek!), but I have to say I am still going to miss Norwich dearly. Every time I stroll into town and around the charming little lanes, I discover something new and unique. Norwich has a wonderful, classic identity that some large cities often lack. It can feel like a small, community-driven village without losing the necessities of a city too.

On my 22nd birthday, my boyfriend and I decided to visit a rather recent addition in the Norwich backstreets – Figbar, in Maddermarket. A dessert bar run by a highly trained pastry chef with his UEA Creative Writing alumni wife (shout out!), this place did not disappoint. Despite offering exceptional cakes and good quality coffee, Figbar does not come with a hefty price tag. We paid under £10 for two chocolatey gooey Bundt cakes and a lovely latte, which although may be more than some coffee chains, it was by far much better and made with more love.

As well as an ever-changing selection of freshly made cakes and pastries, Figbar also offers some yummy sounding plated desserts, if you’re looking for an experience that is a little more classy. The chef experiments with different flavours and textures, often combining things which you wouldn’t necessarily think off. On my bucket-list to try is the gin-jelly, which featured on one of their summer-inspired plated desserts when we visited….I love me a gin!

It’s safe to say that I’m keen to get back to Figbar, maybe even before I leave. After following their Instagram and getting blasted daily with even more mouthwatering sweets, that urge grows bigger every day. I’ve also discovered that they have a stall on Norwich market (why did I not know this before?!), which is great as it means I can pick up a cake to go and enjoy with a cup of tea back home. The Figbar ‘restaurant’ is small and intimate, so seating may not always be available. The addition of a market stall is fabulous and in my eyes necessary, so everyone is able to taste their unique, sensational treats.

Check out their website for opening times, more info, and a menu which is sure to make you drool.


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