Why I’m Choosing to Teach Abroad

If you had told me 6 months ago that I’d have secured my place on a teaching internship in South East Asia, I would have laughed in your face. Literally. I had no self-confidence, and doing something like  this was pretty much out of the question.Yet last week, I took the plunge and booked a 4.5 month teaching placement in the beautiful country of Vietnam! Starting August next year, I’ll be starting my post-uni plans by teaching English to Vietnamese children, and I must admit, I’ve never been more excited!

However, teaching English abroad hasn’t always been on my to-do list. Prior to this summer, I’d actually never really looked into it that much. Although, when that initial ‘what the hell am I going to do after university’ mindset kicked in, my frantic Google searches led me me to a number of TEFL internships. My first choice was actually South Korea (and perhaps this is something I’ll pursue in the future, who knows!), but after some deliberation – and a tempting price – I opted for a paid Vietnam internship next summer.

Programs like these seem to be a great jumping-off point for those just coming out of university. To obtain the appealing monthly salary in Vietnam, you need to have a degree for starters, and having just completed my year abroad also helps when it comes to the whole transitioning overseas. You also get pretty much set up before you get out there, in terms of accommodation, which definitely appealed to me and my new stress-free way of thinking…well, that I’m trying to achieve anyway!

So what do I hope to get out of my time in Vietnam next year? After being so wrapped in how I’m feeling, getting better, and moving forward, it will be rewarding and refreshing to make a difference to other peoples lives by teaching them a valuable new skill. Continuing in education and pursuing my passion of literature is possibly the best decision that I have made – how exciting will it be to share that?! Apart from this, it will be amazing to experience another culture and immerse myself in their way of living. I’m not really into the whole ‘country hopping’ idea of travelling; after my year abroad I’ve learnt the value in settling down and getting to know a place before moving on, which is why I opted for a lengthy placement in Vietnam. Surrounding myself with Vietnamese food, people, buildings, and of course beautiful scenery for 4.5 months is my ideal version of really experiencing a country. Saying this, it will be great to explore the surrounding countries of South East Asia after my internship ends, though that’s a while away yet!

If anybody has ever undertaken anything similar to what I’m doing, do let know! It would be great to get tips on living/working in Vietnam, and the whole TEFL internship scheme in general. 🙂


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