Rediscovering Norwich: The Belgian Monk

I’ve been back in the ‘fine city’ just over two months now, and I’m beginning to wonder why I even left in the first place. OK, so maybe spending a year in America/Australia are perfectly good excuses, but still…Norwich will always have my heart.

Our house this year is much closer to the city (hurrah!) so there have been plenty more opportunities for me to rediscover the lesser known parts of Norwich, and places that I have always been meaning to visit but haven’t got round to yet. Norwich is especially full of excellent eateries, and now my love for food has thankfully returned, I decided to check out one this week – The Belgian Monk.


Famed for it’s mussels (they have over 30 different flavour varieties!) The Belgian Monk also offers an extensive menu suitable for meat-lovers and vegans alike. All this whilst enjoying a classic Belgian beer or cider besides some beautiful English architecture.


Sadly when I visited, I decided not to opt for the mussels – I’m not that brave unfortunately – and instead decided to share some tapas plates with my boyfriend. We agreed on fried halloumi, a spicy Belgian sausage with curry sauce, sautéed potatoes with rosemary and garlic, and a flatbread with pulled pork, Monterey jack cheese, and chipotle. Not entirely Belgian as such, but certainly delicious!

My favourite of the tapas had to be the Belgian sausage – the curry sauce really was to die for, and I’m not usually lover of spicy food. Instead of being overwhelming hot, it was sweet, with a subtle smoky flavour that complimented the meat really well. I’m no expert, but that really was a good sausage!


However, what I am an ‘expert’ on is savvy student dining, and The Belgian Monk fits nicely within those brackets. The tapas are relatively cheap, and four plates between two of us was more than enough food – we paid about £10 each, which included the price of a soft drink. They also have something called a Dubble Deal menu, where you can get two meals for £12.50, or one for £6.50 – ideal if you’re looking to spend even less.

Overall, I really enjoyed my short lunch at The Belgian Monk, and would certainly love to visit again. The menu is so big that I think you definitely need to visit a few times to grasp what the pub is really about. That, and I’d love to stuff my face with some more fried cheese of course!


P.S: hoping to make a little mini-series out of ‘Rediscovering Norwich’, and aiming to visit the famous Grosvenor’s next week (cue fish taco’s!), watch this space. 🙂

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