The Weird & Wonderful: Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Famed for its large number of U.F.O sightings, Roswell is certainly one of the strangest, yet most interesting cities I have visited.

In 1947, ‘The Roswell Incident’ put the city on the map. Many believe that a U.F.O. crash landed just outside, although this has never been officially confirmed. Still, speculation runs high, and since then others have come forward claiming to have seen strange objects in the sky and had their own alien encounters.

Whatever you believe, you can’t help but be fascinated by Roswell’s devotion to their extra-terrestrial roots. I visited during summer last year, as part of a cross-country U.S.A. road trip. The main street, where the famous U.F.O. museum is, is littered with gift shops selling all kinds of alien memorabilia. The city has thrived off of their speculative history, making it feel almost like a shrine to all things Martian.

The museum itself is actually nothing special. As you can imagine, there is little evidence to support the existence of aliens, so the exhibits are mostly blurry pictures of strange figures in the sky, or hand-written testimonies from ‘abductees’. These were quite interesting to read though – you almost question yourself and your previous beliefs when you read something so emotive and moving.

The main alien portrayed in the museum (in statue form, of course), were the common ‘greys’. These are your typical, big-headed, big eyed, tall and skinny looking alien, the ones that people claim to have come into contact with most. An exhibit showing a dissection of a grey was displayed in the museum, trying to be as realistic as it possibly could.

In earlier days, perhaps the museum would have been more of a shock, an eye-opener and something that people visit in order to learn something about U.F.O.’s and aliens. The fact that the museum has the only ‘U.F.O. library’ means this was probably true. However nowadays, fascination has given way to scepticism and fact. Personally, I was just visiting in order to discover what people thought was true, rather than be swayed myself. You also can’t help but wonder whether Roswell has simply played on its image as the ‘alien capital’ of the world, thus persuading others to fabricate similar sightings. Nevertheless, it remains somewhere that I believe you should definitely visit if you’re passing near the area. The atmosphere is eerie and the amount of ‘greys’ plastered all over the city will make you feel like you have indeed left planet Earth.

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