Italy Daydreaming: Lake Como

With the return of the nicer weather, you can’t help but wish you were somewhere hot, sipping a cocktail and relaxing in a beautiful location. One place has been on my mind since ‘summer’ has arrived – Italy, and more precisely, Lake Como.

Me and my best friend headed to Milan last June, braving the heat. Whilst we found the city amazing, filled with spectacular buildings, yummy gelato and plenty of shops, the highlight of the break had to be a day-trip we took to Lake Como.

It took just over an hour to get there from one of Milan’s main stations, costing under 20€ for a return ticket. Once there, you’re pretty much right on Lake Como itself; walk just 5-10 minutes and you’ll be greeted with a vast space of glistening blue, bordered with luscious green hills and extravagant houses (if they’re good enough for George Clooney, they’re good enough for me).

Saying this, it really wasn’t hard to see why many celebrities have homes there, or choose it as a luxury holiday destination. Whilst Milan is lovely, the fresh air coming from the lake cooled us nicely. We had escaped the dense atmosphere of the city, and ventured into what seemed like, paradise.

There are a few places to attempt to ‘swim’ in the lake, although I can’t say we went any further than dipping our feet in. A group of kids fooling around near the wall and pushing each other off, seemed to care very little though. Others were also entering through the kind of make-shift ‘beach’ the lake had – which was really just an array of uncomfortable stones and rocks. For us, it was more just something to look at and admire. We left the swimming to the locals.

Besides from the lake, the pretty town of Como also has quite a bit to do. Nowhere near as much as Milan, but you can still easily spend a day there. We stopped off for lunch first – a café overlooking the lake, of which there are plenty of. Next we got a few scoops of gelato (it’s a rule in Italy that you must have gelato at least once a day), and then walked lazily around the small shops in the backstreets. Not much was actually open, due to it being the middle of the day, but it was actually nice to feel like you were wondering the streets alone. The silence, and the views, were bliss.

So, if you’re heading to Milan (or anywhere else in northern Italy), I’d thoroughly recommend a day trip to Como. Our guidebook said the rest of the Italian lakes were also just as appealing, but for us, Como was the easiest to reach, and definitely satisfied our ‘breeze needs’.

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