My Bucket List

‘Bucket lists’ are often a great way to decide where to venture next on your travels. Everyone has a few places that, given the opportunity, they would happily be on the next plane to. However, budget and lifestyle restrictions sadly mean that many do not get to tick off all their items…no harm in dreaming though.

  1. First on my bucket list is Peru. A close friend of mine went there recently, and just seeing photos and hearing about her experiences made me want to go even more. I’m fascinated by the ancient culture surrounding Machu Picchu, and would love to complete the traditional Inca Trail to the site. The country is also much more than Machu Picchu, however. I’m keen to check out the capital city of Lima, and explore some more of its rainforest areas.
  1. Russia has a complex history, which has often put many travellers off of visiting. In recent years, whilst some issues do still remain, people are beginning to want to explore this somewhat mysterious country – and I must admit that the ‘unknown’ air of the nation has appealed to me. For one, the architecture of the buildings is unlike anything else in the world – amazing to see first-hand. I recently read a book about an Englishman who travelled through Russia, during the time of the Soviet Union. He described the fear and reluctance to talk politics, which the locals had. When he went on a tour of Moscow, the guide would constantly point out ways in which the regime had benefitted the city. It would be interesting to see how much Russia has changed in such a short space of time.
  1. Famed for its spectacular beaches, Sri Lanka probably creeps its way onto most people’s bucket lists. It’s also hard to ignore the fascinating ruins the small country boasts, and the diverse wildlife – turtles and elephants, need I say more? The warm weather, supposedly friendly people, and unique food, would be a far cry from the often mundane life I lead here. Lately, the capital Colombo has been transformed, becoming more and more popular amongst tourists. Once known for its traffic and urban sprawl, people are now stopping in the city to explore the new galleries, museums, local food and Sri Lankan character. Combine this with the white sand and palm trees on the coast, and you have a very appealing country…well for me anyway.
  1. Stepping away from the warmth, sea and sand, last on my list is Canada. Whilst I wouldn’t say no to a trip to Toronto or Quebec, I’m more interested in the wilder side of Canada. The mountains, crystal clear lakes, miles of deep green trees, and knowledge that around any corner could be a fearsome bear or wolf, has always excited me. Although I’m not usually a lover of the cold, I think I’d happily put on an extra layer (or two) and take it, for that picturesque, serene, view.

So that’s my bucket list…for the moment. I tried to keep it short and think about places I really want to go to – you know, ‘if I give you a plane ticket right now, where would you go?’ type places. Of course, over the years I’m sure to add to this list, and hopefully tick off a few too. Let me know what’s top on your bucket list right now – I’d love to hear!

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