a blog new world…


I recently decided to start a blog – I know, very exciting. Careers advisors and seminar leaders seem to be pushing this whole blog blog blog idea so I thought, hey why not give it shot? Even if I do end up talking to myself…

Here you’ll find all the details of my past and future adventures around the globe. I’m a student at the moment, so bear in mind that I may not be jetting off every month or so. Therefore, when my budget does unfortunately tie my feet the ground, you’ll instead be bombarded with other travel-related comments – trip planning, responses to travel stories, that kind of thing.

So far, I’ve been rather lucky in where I’ve visited and the experiences I’ve had – a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon isn’t something everyone can say they’ve done after all (yes, I’m gloating). I’ll be sharing all of this on here, and I’m also off on a year abroad to Tucson then Sydney in August…watch this space!

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